Our starters are portioned to be shared – especially if you are getting a main dish or pizza. 
They work well as a whole meal for those with lighter appetites too! We make them all from scratch.

JAMESON WHISKEY PRAWNS served on a bed of quinoa with a fine dice of fresh red bell pepper and green onion  12

FRIED CALAMARI with your choice of truffle or traditional marinara sauce   7.75

BRUSCHETTA frequently changing toppings served on housemade focaccia. Please ask your server for details   6.75 sub gluten free bread  1

CEDAR PLANK SALMON  roasted in our wood fired oven on a cedar plank, served on a bed of fresh arugula with pickled onions and dill cream sauce  10

CAPRESE SALAD fresh, local tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella with extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic reduction   8



Our large salads are a complete meal or they are great shared with a friend. We use local produce whenever possible and organic whenever affordable.

Add grilled marinated chicken $2  smoked bacon $2  grilled marinated steak $3.50

quinoa $2  salmon $4  shrimp $3.50

HOUSE SALAD a small serving of mixed greens and seasonal veggies with your choice of dressing   4

SUMMER SPINACH SALAD fresh spinach, pickled onions, feta cheese, orange segments, tossed in a local berry vinaigrette   9

KITCHEN SINK GARDEN SALAD mixed greens, seasonal vegetables, house-made croutons and our herb vinaigrette.   8

CAESAR SALAD romaine hearts, housemade parmesan croutons, shaved reggiano parmesan
& housemade Caesar anchovy dressing  10  add side of anchovies   1

SALAD TOPPINGS: grilled marinated chicken  2, bacon  2, quinoa  2, salmon  4, shrimp  3.5, grilled marinated steak  3.5

SALAD DRESSINGS: herb vinaigrette, berry vinaigrette, caesar, honey mustard, creamy herb, balsamic orange vinaigrette



All of our pizzas are available with our own natural fermentation sourdough or gluten-free crust.

All pizzas are 12"
Gluten-free crust: add $2

THE CYCLIST onion marmalade base, shredded chicken, mushroom, garlic chive, mozzarella & parmesan 12.5

PIMENTO PLEASE housemade pimento cheese base with green onion, ground beef, marinated beef shoulder tip & diced jalapeño 13.5

CHOW-DAH white wine cheese sauce base, chopped clams, apple smoked bacon, sliced potatoes & garlic chive 12.5

OLD RELIABLE S&P marinara, pepperoni, sausage & mozzarella 12.25

PESTO PASSION pesto base with marinated chicken or shrimp, mushrooms, diced tomato, mozzarella & parmesan cheese 12.5  add both chicken & shrimp 2

THREE CHEESE! marinara, mozzarella, parmesan & fontina 11.5 add goat cheese 1

FARMER’S MARKET olive oil base, herb marinated, oven-dried tomato, fresh spinach, caramelized leek, mixed wild mushrooms & goat cheese 11.5

MARGHERITA olive oil base with sliced tomato, fresh basil & fresh mozzarella 10.5

LOB-STAR herb oil base with lemon butter tossed lobster, tomato, garlic chives & smoked cheddar cheese 14

Our GF dough is baked in the same oven as our sourdough. For those with severe gluten allergies, we do not recommend this option. GF dough contains eggs.



We now offer all of our paninis on Udi's gluten free bread! 
Our wraps are made using our own homemade sourdough.

We use the same panini press for both types of paninis.

For those with severe gluten issues, we can not recommend our paninis.

We do not have a gluten free option for wraps.
(All sandwiches include a choice of mixed greens, french fries or sweet potato fries)
Add grilled marinated chicken $2  smoked bacon $2  grilled marinated steak $3.50 gluten free bread $2

GREEK WRAP herb marinated chicken breast, kalamata olives, hummus, mixed lettuce, feta, tomato, pickled onion, quinoa & tzatziki sauce 9

BACON CHICKEN WRAP apple smoked bacon, chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, mixed lettuce, shredded carrots, pesto aioli & herb vinaigrette 9

BEST O’ PESTO CHICKEN marinated and grilled chicken breast with pesto aioli, roasted red bell pepper, tomato, mixed greens & mozzarella on ciabatta 9

VEGGIE WRAP  balsamic marinated, grilled eggplant & zucchini, shredded carrots, mixed lettuce, eggplant spread, walnuts, brown rice & herb vinaigrette 8.75

BLT BEAUTY applewood smoked bacon with mayonnaise, tomato & mixed greens on housemade focaccia 8.75 add cheese 1 add avocado 1

THE COWBOY steak marinated & grilled to order, with arugula, onion marmalade, roasted red bell pepper & horseradish havarti on focaccia 9.5


MUSHROOM & FONTINA RAVIOLI a medley of wild mushrooms, onions & garlic with creamy fontina cheese  13

GNOCCHI tossed with pand seared zucchini & olives  13

FETTUCCINE WITH SPINACH & SUN-DRIED TOMATO sauteed spinach & sun-dried tomato tossed with fettuccine  13

PASTA SAUCES: white wine cream sauce with shrimp, meat sauce, marinara, truffle marinara, lemon pamesan olive oil, white wine clam broth


Our sides are for 1-2 people, designed to go with a meal. 
They also make a hearty snack for one!

ROASTED POTATOES roasted tender and crisp, tossed in olive oil & fresh chopped rosemary  4

FRESH STEAMED BROCCOLI tossed in olive oil, lemon juice & zest  4

SAUTEED ZUCCHINI & SQUASH cooked al dente with parmesan, garlic & olive oil  4

CREAMY CHEDDAR & PARMESAN MACARONI & CHEESE  4 add bacon 2 add portobello mushrooms 2

We are happy to make any pizza vegan or substitute ingredients – please just ask!
Our to-go prices are slightly higher due to the compostable to-go products we use.

We're currently working on updating our menu to bring you new and exciting options!
* Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Dining Hours

MONDAYS: 11am-3pm
SUNDAYS: 11am-3pm