Date Night – Dinner and a Movie

MOVIE NIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR 5.19.2018. We apologize for the inconvenience. The cancellation is due to licensing conflicts. We will keep you updated on future showings. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!



  • Parents MUST be on the premises at all times. Patio included.
  • You can bring any comfort item for your kid – a pillow, blankie, lovie, binkie — please write your child’s name on any item you bring.
  • Kids 4-12 only please.
  • Movie is FREE!
  • Parents can order food for their kid's at their table. Just tell your server your child's name, and they will take the food straight to the Fireside Room when it is ready.
  • Movie starts @ 5:00, ends 7:30.
  • Chaperone will be an employee of Radius. We take a mid-movie potty break! Any child who needs to go to the bathroom will be escorted by a chaperone who will wait outside the main bathroom door. They will encourage each child to wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  • If any child should need their parents, your server will inform you.

The Cold Hard Facts: While we honor all parent’s wishes with regards to their children’s diet, we CANNOT be held responsible or liable if their child eats any menu items from another child's plate. Parents will be charged for food or beverage consumed by their children. We all want the movie event to be fun for all the kids. Disruptive children will be escorted back to their parent’s table.

Radius Pizzeria & Pub, LLC, it’s subsidiaries, employees, representatives, contractors are not responsible for any lost items, including children, injury to any body parts, feelings or whatever. Radius does take full responsibility for any satisfaction, relaxation, actual adult conversation or joy experienced by you or your children.


Dining Hours
HOURS OF OPERATION: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 11am – 9pm / Friday & Saturday: 11am – 10pm /CLOSED TUESDAY